IntAct App provides different commands to automatise its different features.

Those commands are all placed under the namespace intact.

Internal commands

intact version

intact version
→ Version: 0.9.6

intact query

intact query seedTerms="gtp lrrk2" taxons="9606, -2" types="protein, small molecule" netName="GTP-LRRK2" exactQuery="false" applyLayout="false"
→ Collecting interactors
→ Querying network from interactors
→ Querying IntAct servers
→ Parsing data
→ Create summary edges
→ Register network
→ Create and register network view + Initialize filters

intact summary & intact evidence & intact mutation

intact evidence view="View of GTP-LRRK2"

intact reset-filters

intact reset-filters view="View of GTP-LRRK2"

intact extract

intact extract view="View of GTP-LRRK2" applyLayout="false" includeFiltered="false"

Rest API

Once Cytoscape is open with IntAct App installed, you can access the available Rest API at this url .

This API is generated with Swagger by Cytoscape, so you can directly try the different requests